Sky High Sports Trampoline Park (Ontario)

Sky High Sports is a “trampolinists” dream! The Inland Empire craze turned California phenom is finally available to all of us! Sky High Sports has turned an average trampoline into a whole amusement park!

Foam PitOkay, here’s the breakdown. When you enter they immediately make you sign a waiver. However you can bypass some of the paperwork by downloading the forms from their website. You can even pre-order jump times. Find a locker or cubbyhole and put your shoes, socks, and anything that might fly out of your pocket into them. Only bare feet or grip socks are allowed.Main Court

When you’ve finished with the check-in , it’s time to check out the facility. The main trampoline area is quite large with 6,200 square feet of jump space and is geared for teens & adults. Unlike most trampolines, these have a specially designed spring loaded frame which allows more give and makes your jump, well…just awesome.

Kids CourtThe kids 8 and under have their own area. This area is smaller and has 2,000 square feet of playspace. Adults are allowed to join their kids on the trampolines but are not allowed to jump, just lightly bounce, so the kids can have a safe place to practice. The best news is that they take your safety very seriously. All the trampolines have 2 inch thick safety pads all around the frames and springs, and they have 360 degree walls in case you just can’t stDodgeballop yourself mid-jump.

So, what makes this place different from other trampoline parks. “Air”-robics and Dodgeball! Meet some adventurous people just hanging out at Sky High and challenge them to a game of dodgeball, or get some friends together and create your own team to compete in actual tournaments!

Airobics is a combination of aerobics and trampolines. It’s low impact, so it’s better on your joints then running, but it’s also incredibly intense. This isn’t your moms jazzercise tapes people! It’s 50 minutes of endurance testing, high energy exercise guaranteed to burn a crazy amount of calories. Since the whole thing is at a trampoline park, it’s much easier to actually work out by getting into the mind set of “I’m going to have fun!” instead of “I have to go to the gym.”

Sky High Sports is located in Ontario, San Diego, and Costa Mesa. $12/hour to jump (second hour is $6 M-TH). Please check website for hours and event dates. Birthday party packages and other private party information is available via website. This is a great indoor idea for those hot IE summers!