Skull Canyon Zipline in Corona

I have always wanted to go on a zipline. It was actually on my bucket list! The main thing that was stopping me was the location. Everyone knows the only 2 places to go ziplining around here is Big Bear and Catalina. WRONG! So very very wrong. I had absolutely no idea that “Skull Canyon Ziplining” is located in Corona (Yup , Inland Empires very own CORONA). It’s just a few miles past Glen Ivy in fact.

Skull Canyon ZiplineSo, I’m driving down a back road and a couple of flags catch my attention. I slow down and see a half of a concrete pipe with “Skull Canyon Eco Experiences” painted across it. If you see it, feel free to drive right through the gate. You then need to drive down a dirt road, past a sign that says “Private Parking”, across a small bridge, and you’ll see another concrete pipe (over on it’s side this time) that says “Skull Canyon Eco Experiences Parking” with an arrow pointing to the parking area to your right.Skull Canyon Zipline- Check-In

Yay! You made it…now what? Check in at the small building with the black cabana (you should have made reservations ahead of time), or you can see if you can be added onto to someone else’s group. It’s normally hard to be added, so it’s very strongly recommended that you make reservations.

Skull Canyon-Hiking to the ZiplineOk- time to pick your tour! The Original Course takes you down 6 ziplines, plus one “bunny” one. It takes approximately two hours, depending on your group. A truck takes you up a little ways, but there is a 10 minute hike involved which is a bit intense. It’s very rocky, and has some steep areas where you are also climbing rock “stairs”.  The extreme course is 5 ziplines, plus a bunny, but one of the ziplines is 1800ft long! Plus there’s an intense 30 minute hike, and no place to for you to back out in case of cold feet. If you have knees, back, or any kind of ailment that would prevent you from a rigorous hike, this is not the tour for you.Skull Canyon Zipline

If you don’t have the 2 hours is takes for the other tours, they have a speed run! The Speed Run is 2 side by side ziplines, about 1600ft in length. You can either pay the $40 to zip down or you can add it for only $20 if you have booked another tour.

So what’s it like? After taking the Original Tour, I have Skull Canyon Ziplinecome to the conclusion that a successful ziplinging experience depends on 3 things. 1) Who you take with you. I went all by my lonesome (I know, right?). MOST people go with others. The coolest thing would have been to go with a big group (Hmmmm, birthday?). Grabbing your significant other and making it a ziplining day is fun too. My group was made up of couples and a group of 3. There was a married couple, Boyfriend-Girlfriend, some friends, and even a dynamic Dad/Daughter duo. They talked, laughed at each other, urged each other on- basically had an awesome time.

2) Your Guides- We had 3 with us, Cory Anderson, Micah, and a 3rd guy whose name Micahescapes me (Sorry!). They were fantastic! They were very personable, telling us stories (littered with bad puns), giving us information about the canyon, and above all keeping us safe. We goofed around with them  during “down times”, but when it was time to zipline, they were incredible professional. They made sure we were strapped in, comfortable, and knew what we were doing at all times.

Skull Canyon Ziplining3)  The location- It’s a mountain terrain, which means you get a bunch of options when it comes to jumping off points and zip line lengths. Sure, it’s probably not as cool as ziplining over the ocean, but also a lot less deathly terrifying. I actually have a little issue with heights, but was not scared at all on any of the zip lines. Our guide, Cory, mentioned the extreme course had one even he found a little scary- so there’s a tip for all you adrenaline junkies out there.

So what’s it like? It’s like sitting on a swing, and glidingCory Anderson from ledge to ledge. It’s actually a very smooth relaxing ride, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some people took running starts or did tricks on the line, so for them it was a lot more heart pounding. I guess the experience is what you make it!

Skull Canyon Ziplining is located at 13540 Temescal Canyon road in Corona. For more information, specials, and reservations please visit their website.