The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire (Irwindale)

The juggling, acrobatic, bawdy, jousting, grog-drinking, singing, dancing, and self-described “rollicking romp” festival returns to town. In short, the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale is back!DSCN9903

With over 1,200 costumed artisans and performers, you are guaranteed to be entertained. Whether you laugh as you hear the “Belles of Bedlam” perform their suggestive songs, cheer for the jousters, or gasp at the amazing aerial acrobats- you can’t deny being entertained.


14New shows this year include the wit and wonder of “Aaron Bonk”. Fire, swords, knives….it’s all childs play to him! Allie the Muse brings you celtic songs, while the “Tortuga Twins” take hilarity to a new level. Interested in stories coming to life? Check out “The Raven”, “Green Eggs & Hamlet”, or “Ye Olde Tale of Good King Arthur”. Shows that highlight the time period (you are at a Renaissance Faire, after all) are “The Lord Mayor’s Show: Everybody Loves a Wedding!”, Wiggins Politican Magician (he can be seen walking around the faire), and this year….you can join none other then the Queen of England at around noonish, when she begins her search for….something? What is it, and where did it go? Join The Queen and her council as they search the fairgrounds!Washing Well Wenches


Let’s not forget our old talents, returning with already proven Renaissance Faire hits. The scandalous “Washing Well Wenches”, the hilarious “Poxy Boggards”, the aerial dance troupe “Draiku”, and Broon, the bowling ball juggling, fire eating, comical stuntman himself!

DSCN9942My favorite performances at the Renaissance Faire are the interactive performing artists! You’ll be insulted by “The Puritans”, complain about your husbands with the Washer Women, dance the “Danse Macabre”, and you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive “Fantastikals”, fairies or spirits who wordlessly wander the faire. You can even join in with the “Country Garden Dancers” around the maypole, fool around with the “Privateers”, or discuss affairs of state with the Queens Ladies.DSCN9920

Feel free to bring the kids, who will have a blast in the Kids Kingdom. Kids (and kids at heart) can participate in “Merlins School of Magic”, puppet shows, crafts, rides, a gnome quest, and NEW this year- you can become a Witch’s Apprentice! You can even take sides in the epic Princesses versus Witches battle!

DSCN9925If you crave more of a challenge try one of the adult games where you can throw a javelin, take a fencing lesson, launch a toad, or finally settle old grudges at the dueling canons.

For those shoppers who go crazy over beautiful and unique items, this is paradise!  Everything from hand forged jewelry and weapons made my Master Artisans to amazing leather craft, children’s toys, costumes, and artwork.

Don’t leave without trying the fare! Of course there are turkey legs, steamed artichokes, soup in10 a bread bowl, and corn on the cob for you traditionalists, as well as “Steak on a stake”, pulled pork sandwiches, and tri tip chili for those carnivores! Feeling a little adventurous? Try the Piroshkis , Quail, “Hawkers Mush”, or Oyster Shooters. The dessert options are plentiful. Root beer floats, strawberry cream scones, peanut brittle, Italian Ice,  fudge, Bavarian cream marshmallows, churros, and much more!

DSCN9915The new layout has been a huge hit and made finding your way around much easier. You are not stuck to one main path, but can easily wander throughout the Faire, returning to your favorite booths or discovering new ones. Bring the whole family and don’t miss the Original Irwindale Annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire beginning April 19th and ending May 22nd, 2016! Tickets are available through the website, or at the gate. Check the website for certain discounts and coupons. Tickets: $28.95/adults  $15/kids (5-12). Children 4 and under are free. Runs weekends only!