Bucket Crabs & Crawfish in Ontario

Bucket Crabs & Crawfish, inspired by the popular OC based restaurant “The Boiling Crab” is finally open in Ontario! The Boiling Crab was already well-known and well- loved in the Louisiana bayou, but its real success came when the creole inspired founder made his way into Orange County’s Little Saigon, as the L.A. Times profile […] Continue reading →

Pomona Valley Mining Company

The Pomona Valley Mining Company in the City of Pomona holds a rich history, as explored by host Melissa Duke of local television show Inland Empire Explorer. The Pomona Valley Mining Company has a rich history dating back to the gold mining era in the Pomona Valley. The restaurant features artifacts from the mines and […] Continue reading →

Sapphire Falls Hike

If you’re looking for an amazing hike in the Inland Empire, you have to check out Sapphire Falls. Located in Rancho Cucamonga, Sapphire Falls makes a great day hike alone or with a friend. This trail used to be 100% open. Due to the massive amount of vandalism and other issues, the private property owners […] Continue reading →

Wienerfest in Riverside

Under a sea of checkered flags you may feel you’ve wandered into NASCAR.  If you happen to get a glimpse through the cheering crowds you might be shocked to see a wagging tail and slobbery tongue, smiling back at you. Sunny Oasis rescue transforms Riversides “Fairmount Park” in Riverside into a NASCAR-style event featuring Dachshunds, […] Continue reading →

Chino Valley Brewery – Ontario

Chino Valley Brewery opened in July 2012 offering, becoming Ontario’s newest microbrewery. The brewery was founded by co-owners Matthew Maldonado and Ray Duran, old friends and retired law enforcement officers. Matt, as he prefers to be called is also a home brewer with 25 years of experience. This experience shows, as the tastinr room served […] Continue reading →

Ilo Hair Salon – Riverside

Located just a couple of blocks away from the Riverside Central Plaza is a hair jewel! Over the past few years I have been to countless hair salons all over the Inland Empire , but none had the same hair experience, artistic styling, and friendly personal touch like Ilo. Ilo could never be referred to […] Continue reading →