Packinghouse Brewery (Riverside)

packinghouse-pourStarted in 2009, and opened in March 2010, Packinghouse Brewing Company has become a haven for Riverside craft beer fans! Located off of Central with a great view of the Riverside Airport, Packinghouse strives to create a comfortable environment so you can better enjoy the suds.


Coup De Main– A Belgian White, with an interesting citrus blend flavoring. Sweet, light, a refreshing summer drink!

Black Beauty Cream Stout-Made with California Ale Yeast, known for its balance and clean flavors and the aromatic fuggle hops, this stout goes down smooth versus the harshness you may get from other stouts.

Sunburst Blonde– A light American Blonde Ale. Low key, good for those who aren’t huge beer fans or just prefer light beers.

Rileys Irish Red– Beautiful coloring, with hints of chocolate and slightly floral. Mellow flavoring.

Heritage Pale Ale– Orangy, earthy, with a slight bitterness.

Epsilon IPA  One of their newest brews with 7.3% alcohol content! Nice, hoppy IPA with a strong finish.

Zeta IPA– An American Black Ale, made with earthy Columbus hops and strong Chinook hops, this one packs a punch!

owners laughingSince they brew in relatively small batches, there is no guarantee of what is on tap in the tasting room, but chances are they’ll have many of the above brews. The owners are quite knowledgeable about their craft given their background in home brewing, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for beer recommendations!

Packinghouse Brewery is located at 6421 Central Ave  STE: 101A in Riverside. For more information, check out or their Facebook page.