Ontario Improv- September 2017 Events


Mike Epps


The Ontario Improv is a comedy club located in the Ontario Mills Mall, in the city of Ontario, CA. They have a restaurant, bar, and also host private events.

Cindy Kaza

September 1st– 7:30PM & 9:45PM:  Mike Epps 


September 2nd– 7:00PM & 9:15PM:  Mike Epps

September 3rd– 7:00PM: Mike Epps


September 5th– 8:00PM: Cindy Kaza, Andy Byng


September 6th– 8:00PM: El Diablo Squad

Kountry Wayne


September 7th- 8:00PM: Kountry Wayne


September 8th– 7:30PM & 9:45PM: Carlos Eduardo Rico


September 9th– 7:00PM & 9:15PM: Carlos Eduardo Rico


September 10th– 7:00PM: Carlos Eduardo Rico


Michael Quu


September 12th– 8:00PM: Ricky Rick


September 13th– 8:00PM: Michael Quu


Shang Forbes


September 14th– 8:00PM: Shang Forbes


September 15th– 7:30 & 9:45PM: Cory Holcomb



September 16th– 7:00PM & 9:30PM: Cory Holcomb


Ryan Davis

September 17th– 7:00PM: Ryan Davis


September 19th– 8:00PM: Rivest Dunlap


September 20th- 8:00PM: The Dirty Show

Rivest Dunlap


September 21st– 8:00PM: Colin Kane


September 22nd-7:30PM: Colin Kane



September 23rd– 7:00PM & 9:30PM: Colin Kane


September 24th– 7:00PM:

Colin Kane

Colin Kane



September 26th– 8:00PM: Mike Cano


September 27th– 8:00PM: American Me Comedy


Mike Cano


September 28th– 8:00PM: Chingo Bling


September 29th– 7:30PM & 9:45PM: Cedric the Entertainer


Cedric the Entertainer

September 29th– 7:00PM & 9:30PM: Cedric the Entertainer


Chicano Bling