Etiwanda Falls Hike

Etiwanda Falls in Rancho Cucamonga is a waterfall hike in the Inland Empire that offers fun for beginners or intermediate hikers. The beautiful views and fun waterfall ending makes this one of the most popular in the Inland Empire!

Etiwanda Falls is often accessed through, but has no official connection to, the North Etiwanda Preserve, which is located right off of the 210, two miles north on Day Creek Blvd. Free parking at available the bottom of the trail. As you approach the trail head, you’ll find a descriptive trail map delineating the numerous possible hikes through the preserve. One of those hikes will take you to the famous Etiwanda Falls, perhaps the most popular destination in the preserve.

11-IMG_8644For most hikers, the waterfall is about a 30-40 minute hike from the trail head. The mostly uphill walk feels exhilarating, offering a strong lower body workout as you hike inside these mountains. The trail offers breathtaking hilltop views of the city of Rancho Cucamonga below, though fog or smog may limit your view of the distance.

As you approach Etiwanda Falls, you’ll hear the sound of rushing water and see tall trees greeting you. The scene is idyllic and the sound of nature is relaxing. Many people choose to rest at the falls for a picnic or just a breather as they take in the beautiful scene before they complete the 3.50 mile round trip hike.

Only a short distance away from any city in the Inland Empire, the Etiwanda Preserve hike makes a great choice for a weekend morning walk or weekend run. Official information on the nearby, but officially unrelated, county park can be found at the San Bernardino County / North Etiwanda Falls website.

Etiwanda Falls Trail Map Etiwanda Falls Map

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